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Carrboro Cup

The Carrboro High School Quiz Bowl Team is honored to host the Carrboro Cup on January 12, 2013. This tournament is a standard invitational, and is open to all high schools wishing to attend. This will be an Unofficial NAQT event, and will utilize question set IS-119A – the top 15% will qualify for the National Championship. The inclement weather date is February 2. 


FORMAT: The tournament will max out at around 30-35 teams. All teams will be guaranteed six matches, consisting of 2 untimed halves of 10 questions each. Prizes will be awarded to the top three overall teams, the top ten individuals, and to the top New/Developing team (discussed below).

The organizational format of the tournament depends on the number of teams registered by mid-January. Expect either a swiss-paired format or a round robin-type tournament.* Details will be forthcoming.

*We do expect to use RCHS Quiz Bowl software this year, which involves swiss-pairing

Powers and negs will apply in tossups, but there will be no bounce backs on bonuses.


REGISTRATION: Please register at If for some reason you are unable to submit your answers, please write an email to containing all the questions included in the web form and your answers. Please submit all registrations by January 2. If you are unable to do so (and register later), understand that your team’s participation in the Cup may have to be compromised.

Once you are registered, you will receive a cost confirmation email. As the tournament nears, emails regarding tournament format, team updates, and tournament day details will be sent. Please make sure the email specified is one that you check often.

If you need to update/edit your registration (for example, to add more teams) after it is submitted, please DO NOT use the web form, but rather send an email to the above address. If you are unable to attend but have already registered, please try to notify the club in advance via email.


FEES:  The following fees are tentative and will be updated as the tournament approaches, although teams should expect the same fees as last year. The first team fee is $65. The fee for each additional team is $50. The maximum number of teams per school is four. All of the following discounts are taken off the total school fee (not individual team fees).


Buzzers – There is a $10 discount if a school provides a buzzer for the tournament. If a school can manage to let us borrow additional buzzers, the discount increases to $15. We are in short supply of these devices, so please try to bring as many as possible.


Volunteer Staffers – There is a $10 discount per school if it can provide volunteer staffers. Volunteers may be required to read questions and/or keep score of individual matches. As the tournament approaches, in the event that we don’t need the offered number of staffers, an email notification will be sent. However, discounts already applied for registered schools will be maintained, regardless.


Travel Discount – If a team travels over 150 miles to attend the Carrboro Cup, as determined by MapQuest, a $10 discount may be applied to help with gas and travel expenses. If these teams require lodging, please state this in the “additional information” box in the online registration form, so arrangement can be made.


 VOLUNTEERS:  Upon registration, please email me at the given email address if your team is able to offer any volunteers to help with score keeping and/or reading questions at the tournament. 

PAYMENT: Payments sent by mail must be in the form of a check made out to “CARRBORO HIGH QUIZ BOWL,” with “CARRBORO CUP” in the memo. Payments may also be made on tournament day in cash or check (the latter with the above specifications). All schools may receive their receipt of payment at the end of the tournament, if they so desire, from the tournament director.

Schools that fail to pay by tournament day will be mailed a $20 penalty fee request after two weeks if they do not pay this penalty beforehand, along with their other fees. Penalty fees are supplemental to, not replacements for, the tournament fees designated via the confirmation email.


TEAM SPECS: Teams comprise of four members that play at a time and a maximum of two substitutes. Teams must have a minimum of three members. Substitutes may be subbed in at halftime. Players may only play for one team during the entire tournament (no transfers between A and B teams, etc.).

It would be helpful, but is not mandatory, if you email the names each team’s members before tournament day, including subs. If not, players’ names will be taken upon sign-in.



Details are TBA, although the tournament will likely progress based on the following schedule:


Registration will end at 8:30am and the final playoffs will end by 5:00pm.


Directions – Carrboro High School is located at 201 Rock Haven Road, Carrboro, NC 27510. The best exit from I-40 is 270. If you require detailed directions, feel free to email me. If you’re lost on tournament day, a contact telephone number will be made available in an email nearer to tournament day. Parking space at Carrboro High is not an issue.


Information about local restaurants/takeout, etc will be given at the tournament upon sign-in. No lunch will be provided. However, there will be sign-up sheets for Papa John’s (or similar) pizza delivery at sign-in (so that it will be delivered by lunchtime). Cash only.



If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to the address below. I will be sending out more details in the weeks or two before the tournament.  Thank you very much for your interest in the Carrboro Cup! I hope to see you there.


Jonathan Dolan

Carrboro Cup Tournament Director and Carrboro Quiz Bowl President;


*Do you wish to participate in the Travel Discount?
Yes (see above)
*Payment Method
On tournament day (cash or check)
Before tournament day (check)